It is now old news that many quilts can fetch a lot of money especially in auctions. Hence the quilting business has become quite lucrative. Designer quilts, quilts made with antique fabric, etc are helping many people make money quilting. Making such quilts requires a huge investment in terms of money and time but the sales proceeds can be just as huge.

People across the world love quilts. There are a variety of quilts available, baby quilts, AC quilts, quilts for light winters or quilts for the places which are buried under snow for at least 6 months at a stretch. Many communities have a heritage which is represented in these quilts. Hence quilts for them have more value than just keeping their families warm on a cold winter night.

To make money quilting you first need to understand the basics of where to procure the quilting supplies and then where to sell the quilts. is the most popular website to sell products and services online. This way your business is not restricted by geography. Customers can pour in from all parts of the world. Performing a quick search on eBay will list all the quilts on sale that are categorized based on use, fabric or cost. is another useful website if you want to make money quilting. This website is dedicated to the sale of vintage and hand-made items. Hence if your quilts are custom made with expensive or antique fabric this is the place to attract customers and make money.

Craft Fairs:

Quilts are cherished for years in a family with fond memories attached to it. Look out for the nearest craft fair to sell your quilts. Strike up personal relationships with customers to increase the customer base and your revenue from sale of the quilts.

Flea Markets:

Flea markets are sometimes open seven days a week. It is also a great place to spend an otherwise dull weekend, by selling quilts. You can bargain, offer discounts and interact directly with customers to improve fabric or designs for better sales.

Specialty Shops:

Boutiques or designers shops are ideal for custom quilts. These shops spell out exclusivity hence tie-up with such establishments to sell your custom designed quilts in the market for a considerable profit.

Consignment Shops:

If your quilts have a theme then it is best to sell them in consignment shops. For example, if you specialize in baby quilts then selling them in departmental stores will not generate many customers and revenue. Rather selling your baby quilts in a baby and mother consignment shop will generate revenues and a growing consumer base.

Departmental Stores:

If you feel that the design of your quilts are quite general to cater a large consumer base then consider selling them in a local or national chain of departmental stores. However ensure clear understanding of profit sharing, stock taking and discounts.

Quilts can also be sold on the basis of viral marketing. There is a huge market for quilts hence go out, use your talent and make money selling quilts.


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